Andrew Hopper QC


Andrew Hopper QC died on 25 July 2018.

In his final months, Andrew had taken steps to wind down his practice and had ceased to take on work for new clients. In tribute to him, his announcement to that effect remains on this page, together with the contact details of his personally recommended sources of advice and assistance in the field in which he provided expert guidance and representation for so many years.

This practice is now closed. Enquiries relating to the closure should be addressed to his professional executors, Nigel West and Jonathan Greensmith, from whom existing clients will hear directly:

Nigel West, Radcliffes Le Brasseur
[email protected]

Jonathan Greensmith, Keystone Law
[email protected]





I have entered my seventieth year, which seems a sensible point at which to review my approach to practice. I have no current inclination to retire altogether, having experimented with various forms of semi-retirement for what seems like decades. However, I have to have regard to issues such as continuity in relation to new work as I cannot, regardless of inclination, expect to go on indefinitely.

I have therefore decided that I will not henceforth take on work from new clients; that is from those with whom I have had no previous association.

Established and existing clients, or those for whom I have previously acted, are likely to be unaffected. I am fortunate in that there is a large number in this category. I will continue to accept introductions and referrals from existing close colleagues, for consultation or a second opinion for example. I will also accept instructions for expert witness work, here and abroad. I will no longer undertake any advocacy, other than in the most exceptional circumstances.

As a form of reinforcement I have removed all contact details from this website, as well as the bases upon which I have till now generally been prepared to accept instructions. This will not of course prevent anyone who has had no previous dealings with me from finding me but I ask that those who succeed should bear in mind my stated policy, and also the old pub adage about requests for credit; that disappointment may be avoided by not asking.

I have left the remainder of my minimalist website, written traditionally in the third person, largely in its previous form, but this is now mainly for information and to enable my potential successors to be identified.


Andrew Hopper QC

October 2017


Andrew Hopper is a solicitor and Queen’s Counsel; still a rare combination. He was admitted a solicitor in 1972 and from 1988 has practised on his own account in a niche practice concerned with professional regulation and discipline, principally in relation to solicitors.

He was appointed Silk in 2001, the fifth solicitor Silk to be appointed and the first outside the City of London. He is the only sole practitioner in this select group.

He is regarded by many as the foremost expert of his generation on the law and practice related to the regulation of solicitors.

  • He is the co-author, with Gregory Treverton-Jones QC , of the Solicitor's Handbook, now in its seventh edition, written with the benefit of over thirty-five years' experience of this area of law. With the same co-author he has written a guide to Outcomes-Focused Regulation as adopted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in October 2011.
  • He is Consulting General Editor of Cordery on Legal Services, the principal authority on the law and practice affecting the regulation of the supply of legal services, including all aspects of the professional obligations and liabilities of solicitors and the other legal professions, and
  • He is a consulting editor to the fifth edition of Halsbury’s Laws of England on the subject of solicitors.

He first acted for a solicitor before the predecessor of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in 1973; between 1979 and 2002 he advised and acted for the Law Society in disciplinary and regulatory proceedings, in matters before the Tribunal, the Divisional Court, the Court of Appeal and before the Master of the Rolls, and was the principal prosecutor in the Tribunal for over a decade in the 1990s. He now has an exclusively defence practice.

He has acted for a number of other regulators and has advised on regulatory systems, in this country and abroad.


The following are recommended alternative sources of advice and assistance (in order of seniority by date of admission):

Jayne Willetts, Jayne Willetts & Co, Birmingham
Andrew Blatt, Murdochs, Wanstead
Glyn Maddocks, Gabb & Co, Abergavenny
Ian Ryan, Howard Kennedy
Nigel West, RadcliffesLeBrasseur
Jonathan Goodwin, JG Law
Susanna Heley, RadcliffesLeBrasseur
Jonathan Greensmith, Keystone Law

At the level of Silk, those whom he would recommend are:

Gregory Treverton-Jones QC, 39 Essex Chambers
Fenella Morris QC, 39 Essex Chambers
Geoffrey Williams QC, Farrar's Building

Other barristers-at-law he would recommend are:

Alexis Hearnden, 39 Essex Chambers
Timothy Kendal, 2 Bedford Row

Specialists in related areas of expertise whom he would recommend are:

For all partnership and LLP issues: Jeremy Callman
For costs-related issues: Robert Marven QC

Andrew Hopper QC is a consultant to Radcliffes Le Brasseur, 85 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AE and a door tenant at Farrar’s Building, Temple, London EC4Y 7BD.


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